GAMMORA™ is a treatment for HIV, cancer and COVID-19

GAMMORA™ is a development of Zion Medical company that developing products based on peptides derived from HIV and targeted lenti-virus (LV) particles. Recently GAMMORA™ was found to be an effective treatment for COVID-19.

Our technologies are based on research from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

The development team consist of the original developers and specialists in cell cultures manipulation with LV particles and CMC experts.




GAMMORA™ is a medication for HIV patients. The know HIV “cocktails” used today are working to suppress the virus and reducing the viral load. GAMMORA™ works by stimulating one of the virus protein, eventually leading to a controlled cell death of only the HIV-infected cells with no harm to healthy ones. According to clinical studies GAMMORA™ has no side effects and increases also CD4 counts. This medication is still under clinical investigations, however already approved and registered.


Based on this mechanism, we are developing cancer therapy for many types of solid tumours. Using lenti-viral particles, that “replace” the HIV, and are targeted specifically to cancer cells, we can lead to controlled death of only the cancer cells together with GAMMORA™. GAMMORA™ for Cancer was already given to pancreatic and colon cancer patients. This product is still under development.

COVID-19 (Corona)

On 9 January 2020, China CDC reported a novel coronavirus as the causative agent of an outbreak of pneumonia cases of unknown etiology reported in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. The disease is known as coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Since then, COVID-19 disease spread worldwide in more than 150 countries with millions of sick and hundreds of thousands diseased. There is an urgently need for safe and effective treatment for COVID-19 in order to stop the viral spread and stop the loss of lives. According to our recent clinical trials in COVID-19 patients with GAMMORA™, patients exhibit clinical improvements within days and reached full recovery.


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Results of First Human Clinical Trial of HIV drug Gammora


Zion Medical Announces Results of First Human Clinical Trial of HIV drug Gammora, Offering Potential